Why You Should Read This Blog

Welcome, Reader. Welcome to my blog!

My name is Rachel Bicha (pronounced Bee ka) and you can read more about me on the About Rachel Bicha page.

On this blog I will be talking about topics concerning history, culture, science, technology, animals, my life, books, writing, reading, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I have a wide range of interests, so expect a wide subject range. To organize things I will have weekly themes, with some themes running more than one week. Think of it like those thematic units teachers sometimes do, but no homework or tests. I will also be posting book reviews, because I LOVE reading!

So why should you read this blog?

First, because reading it will make you smarter. I like to use big words, so you’ll definitely increase your vocabulary here. You’ll also learn a lot of random facts and interesting bits of useless and perhaps not so useless bits of information. Not only will the above increase your knowledge, but it will also help you do better on tests and in class, believe it or not.

Second, because I’m interested in the world around me; I like to learn; I like to use my imagination, and I hope you do too. If so, we should get along famously. And you’ll find this blog interesting.

Third, my favorite question is “why?” so you should expect to see that question explored here from time to time. If you, too, ever wonder “why?” then — I can’t promise it, but — you might just find some answers here.

And finally, because reading blogs is a social experience — you get to know the author and sometimes other readers — and know that you are not alone, that there’s other people out there who think about things like you do, who feel things you feel, and who like things you like. And this is one of the most valuable things a human can ever know.

It’s up to you. You don’t have to read this blog. If this isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Thanks for stopping by. But if you think you’ll like reading what I have to say, come back and visit often. And welcome!


4 thoughts on “Why You Should Read This Blog

  1. Enjoyed all your reasons. You sound like me in a lot of ways: cats, fish, handwork (mine’s knitting). We lived in Quebec for five years so I even learned enough French to get by.
    Now comes the ultimate question: why do some of us HAVE TO tell the world everything we think about while others sit and muse, enjoying quiet company with their own thoughts? Are we driven by the urge to communicate or does this stem from a compulsion to write something–anything?
    This has been my question lately — so maybe you can help me ponder it. 🙂

    • Sorry for not approving or replying to your comment for a long time. I’ve had “life happen” and am just now beginning to catch up. I’ve also been pondering your question and think I may do a blog post on it in future.

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