Life Happens, Even to Cats

This first theme – the rest of this week and next week – will be about cats and is dedicated to my cat, Cimorene. There are a lot of cat blogs already on the Internet. I’m not trying to duplicate any of them, but I’m choosing this topic to start out with because my little kitty is very, very much on my mind right now.

Here’s why:

Last Friday, January 27, 2012, I took my five month old kitten to the vet to get spayed. Now this is a standard surgery, and I wasn’t expecting anything to go wrong. But something did go wrong. During the surgery she stopped breathing. While they got her breathing again and completed the surgery she had trouble waking up, and when she did, it was clear something wasn’t right. The vet thinks she may have had a stroke. So she’s had to stay in the hospital ever since. She’s making slow progress, but there’s no way to know whether she’ll recover or how much she’ll recover.

So if you have any extra prayers or positive thoughts you can send her way, I would appreciate it. In the meantime I will blog about her and maybe cats in general while I help her recover. I know not everybody likes cats or even animals. But I think everyone can probably understand or imagine what it’s like to have someone they love hurting or sick and in the hospital. And even though my kitty isn’t human I love her. And when someone I love, whether human or animal, is hurting, I hurt too.

Have you ever had someone you loved — animal or human — in the hospital or very sick? If you’d like to talk about it you can tell your story in the comments. Do you know of any cats who had a stroke and recovered? I’d like to hear about it if so.

My "princess" in the hospital



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