I Won Nanowrimo 2012!

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is over for another year. That’s why the blog was inactive for all of November — I was busy writing a novel for nanowrimo. And I succeeded! I started out the month behind, but I made it to the finish line of 50,000 words by November 29, with one day to spare.

My story I was working on (and still am as I’m trying to finish it) is about ninjas, although as I explain on the story’s page, I’m going to eventually call them something else. People have expectations about what ninjas are and what they do and I want a lot of creative license with mine. So to avoid confusion I’ll be changing what I call them just as soon as I think of something I like. After that only me (and you who are reading this) will know they ever were ninjas.

I had a real fun time this November as I met up with a group of local people who were also doing Nanowrimo. They kept me motivated, and the write-ins I attended and the Word Wars (a friendly competition to see who can write the most words in a specified amount of time) we had helped my word count. So a big shout-out to the Cola Wrimos!



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