My First Ebook — A Christmas Story

In time for Christmas, my first ebook is now published! I have published a Christmas short story about the wise men called Star of Stars.

Star of Stars 1563x2500It is a story of a young magus (singular of magi) named Rashan who makes two journeys — one of faith and one to the West to find a new king, heralded by a new star in the sky.

For centuries the nightly dance of the stars has been observed and recorded and can be used to predict the destinies of men and, it is believed, also the gods. Rashan believes in the stars, and he also believes in the prophet Zarathustra (Zoroaster) who prophesied of a coming king. And so when a new star is discovered that clearly heralds the birth of someone very important, he is excited, until it is found that the star indicates the Great One has been born in the West, not the East, as the prophet had predicted.

Rashan joins the expedition to find the new king and pay him homage but not without doubts. All his beliefs and certainties about religion and the way the world worked is now put into doubt. On the journey he struggles with his doubts, trying to discover what he truly believes and what is real. And when the magi arrive at their destination Rashan finds an answer that transcends even the stars.

For an excerpt, click here.

This would make a great story to read and share during this Christmas season.

Available at online retailers like, (which offers a variety of formats, including epub), and other online retailers. Links will be added as soon as they go live.


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