Hero Post 1: Anthony Barrett (and Mom and Friend)

The definition of a hero is someone who is admired for his or her courage, strength, and noble qualities. But I think the definition of a hero is broader than that. To me a hero is anyone who overcomes adversity or obstacles to do the right thing or to achieve his or her dreams or goals. Even ordinary people can be heros. That’s what being one’s own hero is all about — overcoming the obstacles life places in our path and not letting adversity defeat us.

Anthony Barrett is one such everyday hero. So is his mom, Deborah Barrett, and his friend and personal assistant, Mike Hamm. Anthony has autism. There are people who believe those with autism will never be able to have any kind of meaningful life, and before anyone gets mad, I do recognize that there many different “levels” or degrees of autism. That’s why they call it a spectrum. But this is one family that didn’t let autism keep them down. Deborah Barrett and Mike Hamm are helping Anthony Barrett start his own business, Anthony At Your Service. He travels around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, delivering items for customers. That’s amazing! It’s amazing for anyone to start their own business. It can be scary and takes discipline. Anthony, however, is not only showing courage and self-discipline, but the kind of unstoppable determination to meet one’s goals in life regardless of any adversity that makes him a hero.

Check out his video: