I Fixed My Google Chromecast!

You can see the little reset button in the photo.

You can see the little reset button in the photo.

I fixed my Google Chromecast ALL BY MYSELF! This may not sound like much, but I don’t consider myself to be a tech person. I’ve always depended on other people like my husband or brother to fix tech problems for me. But when it stopped working and no one was around who could help me, I managed to fix it myself. I am so proud of me!

I use my phone to watch Netflix on the TV with the chromecast. Well, for some reason it stopped working. It gave me an error message: 16003. It said that it couldn’t send my selection to the TV, so please select something else or try again later. I did, but it gave me the same error message with everything I picked and every time I tried. And no amount of rebooting the phone, stopping the app and restarting it or unplugging the Chromecast and replugging it in would fix it.

So I did an Internet search. I found several sites of people complaining about the same problem but no solution given until I found one — one site, which said to log into Netflix and sign out of all devices, then do a factory reset on the Chromecast from the app on your device. I had no idea what this meant. But I did manage to figure it out, so in case you ever have this problem, I am writing what I did, so you will know what to do.

I logged into Netflix and went to “Your Account” and towards the bottom there was a list of links, and the last one was “Sign out of all devices.” Interestingly enough, this was the easiest part, and also the only part that I could find any kind of explanation for.

Next, I was supposed to do a factory reset on the Chromecast. I couldn’t figure out how to do this at first. According to the Internet there’s supposed to be a factory reset button or at least reset options in the settings menu or your Chromecast app, but on my phone there wasn’t. But it turns out there’s an actual button on the Chromecast device itself. The button is small, and if I had not unplugged the device from the back of my TV I would never have found it. I pressed the button and held it for 25 seconds. Then I plugged it back in.

When I did this, the TV screen went black. I thought for sure I’d broken it now. So I unplugged the Chromecast device and plugged it back in, and this time the TV screen came on, showing the Chromecast main screen, but I had to set it up again, just like the first time I plugged it in. Fortunately it gave me a website to go to that had easy to follow step-by-step instructions, so setting it up was no problem.

I still couldn’t watch Netflix from my phone, however. It gave me another error message, this time 16001, time out error. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, and after searching the Internet in vain, even using Google’s help page for the Chromecast, I was really frustrated. I decided to use Google’s help page to send an email asking for help. I needed the serial number, and page told me where to find it on the Chromecast device. I had to unplug to get it. But I never sent that email, because when I plugged the Chromecast back in, this time it worked! And it’s been working ever since. So I don’t know why unplugging it twice after the factory reset worked, but it did. What I do know is I fixed it!


Cool Retro Etch A Sketch Cover

This is cool. It is a cover for an ipad made to look like an Etch A Sketch. I used to play with Etch A Sketches when I was a kid. I suppose it might not mean anything to anyone too young to have played with one, but for those of us who have it brings back memories. I don’t have an ipad, but if I did, I might seriously consider getting one of these.

What do you think?

Get Your Chores Done While Staying Protected from Radiation and Cybermen

I recently read a lens on Squidoo about the product featured in the above picture: a retro handset for cell phones. When I first saw the lens and the photo I thought it was dumb (the product, not the lens). Who would want an old-fashioned telephone handset for their modern cell phone? I remember phones with handsets like that from my childhood — aren’t we past that now? But then I read the lens and thought about it, and now I think they’re somewhat cool and could be useful.

The lens talks about the radiation issue. Cell phones emit radiation, and these handsets are supposed to lessen one’s exposure to radiation. It’s supposed to reduce up to 99% of the radiation you’d absorb using a cell phone directly. The lens has some good information about radiation and this handset in particular, including product details and videos. Check it out.

But what I think is most interesting is how useful this could be when doing chores. Yes, chores. Now I know chores aren’t usually talked about in the same sentence as cell phones, but they do relate, at least for me they do. When I was a child I remember Mom cradling the phone between her chin and shoulder so she could have her hands free to cook or wash dishes or fold laundry or care for me and my brothers. I admired the way she could talk on the phone and do something else at the same time. When I got older I learned to do the same thing. I appreciated being able to do boring chores while also doing something interesting like talking to a friend. But then I got a cell phone, and it was a lot harder to hold the phone with my shoulder. I felt like I had to bend my head over farther which made my neck hurt. Plus a problem I have with my current phone is that somehow I manage to accidently push buttons or something. At least that’s the only explanation I’ve been able to think of for why my phone hangs itself up more frequently when I’m trying to use it holding it with my shoulder.

Yes, I know there are hands-free options. I used to have a pair of earbuds that plugged into my phone, but I think those are uncomfortable. I know there’s also regular headphones, and a headset that fits over the ear. My husband says that last looks like the earpieces that people in Dr. Who episodes featuring Cybormen wore as an intermediate step before turning into Cybermen. He teases that if I bought one of those I would turn into a Cyborman, or rather Cyberwoman, too.

I may yet buy one, but finding out about this retro handset gives me one more option for using my cell phone while doing chores. It may not be completely hands free, but I already know it’s more comfortable to hold between my shoulder and chin than a cell phone is, and there’s no risk of becoming a Cyberman.

Converge SE

Don’t ask me what the SE stands for. And don’t ask me what Converge means either. All I know is that it is a web design conference being held right now in Columbia, SC at It-ology, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the IT profession by getting students to choose IT careers and also educating the public whether by classes or professional development opportunities such as conferences. My husband works there and was given the opportunity to attend the conference. So he’ll be unavailable for the next couple of days.

I think web design is interesting, so I checked out the website, but the topics listed are over my head. I think the website is cool, however. The mascot or logo of the conference is this cyborg Tyrannosaurus Rex. When you load the website you see him at the top of the page. As you scroll down he doesn’t scroll but appears to stay put, so that the information about the conference appears to scroll right over him and cover him up. Every so often, though, they have a “clear” section with a quote about the internet where you can see cyborg T. Rex. And he’s different every time he shows up. He goes from being a cyborg to an ordinary dinosaur T. Rex to a muscular dude that is being built into a cyborg to just dinosaur bones. I suppose if you read the website from bottom to top you could see the transformation of a dinosaur skeleton into a cyborg dinosaur. I think it’s really cool. I guess it’s good that a website about a conference devoted to web design has a cool website. It only makes good advertising sense.

You should check out the website even if you’re not interested in the conference or web design if for no other reason than to check out the transformation of the cyborg T. Rex. And if you are interested in the conference or in web design and couldn’t attend, the conference people will probably be posting about it. And I’m sure my husband will be posting about it at Just Jeremy when he gets a chance, so check that out too.

P.S. Ooh, they got a cyborg pterodactyl bird thing (it’s got feathers or fur — it’s hard to tell) on the other pages.